How do you continue on when someone you love thinks the very worst about you?

Continued Days of Gratitude


For March:
1- Today I am grateful for my husband's belief that bdays last more than just one day.
2- Today I am grateful for living another year. Happybdaytome!
3- I'm grateful for continued celebration of my bday and my inlaws. I'm lucky to have them.
4- I'm grateful for sweet puppy kisses and squirmy puppy bodies.
5- I'm really grateful for people ignoring me. I stay out of the drama and I don't have to answer to anyone this way. It isn't always awesome to be popular.

Also for March, 
6th-  today I'm grateful for a hubby that whomps me upside the head when I whine and fuss over dumb things. Sometimes I need a reminder of what's really important.

February's days of Gratitude


I realize I have fallen off the Gratitude Wagon.  I was doing so well and then you can see how it started to slip.  I swear, I thought about this challenge EVERY DAY!  But didn't actually do it.  Life happens!!

Sooooo, do I feel guilty about it, maybe go back and erase all the posts to pretend that I'm not a huge slacker that can't follow through?  Heck NO!  I'll do my best to paraphrase what was awesome about February.  February shouldn't even count as a month really because it doesn't have enough days.  So I'm lessening my guilt that way.

On with February, the month that only 1/2 way counts as half a month.
I am grateful for many things, like.....
Katherine Heigl Hating Balls.  Please spay and neuter you pets.  Balls are nasty.

I'm grateful for new friends.  I have made quite a few in the past few months with bunches of new ladies at my weekly roller derby practices.

I was grateful for some one on one time with the hubby.  We went gambling together this month and made some memories. :)
I'm grateful for things that make me laugh, like dogs....underwater.

Also, grateful for bruises that show how hard I'm working, delicious food, and funny things like this:

I'm really grateful for three of my friends that had babies this month.  Besides making my uterus twitch with these new babies, I LOVE babies.  One friend has a new baby girl after a loss last year, another has a son after a long search for love and another has their third addition and a beautiful baby girl!!

February was good!

Day 29 of Gratitude


29/366  Today, I'm grateful for pet sitting in my neighborhood.  It has allowed me to meet a lot of new people and a lot of really cool critters.  Here's one of them.

Day 25, 26, and 27 of Gratitude


Day 27:366
I'm thankful for my sewing machine.  I made myself a teapot cozy today and it made my tea taste better. :)

Day 26:366
I'm grateful today for sore muscles!  I didn't hurt myself at all last night at derby!

Day 25:366
Today I am grateful for blowing raspberries on my daughter's chubby cheeks and listening to her squeal in happiness.  Absolutely nothing more pure than that love!!

Day 25 of Gratitude


Day 25: I am grateful for blowing raspberries on my daughter's chubby cheeks and listening to her squeal in happiness.  Absolutely nothing more pure than that love.

Day 22 of Gratitude


I'm pretty grateful today for Roger Hargreaves and his Little Miss characters, finally the Little Miss is getting some love after being exclusive to Mr Men!  I'm pretty sure Little Miss Bad is going to be my new Roller Derby name.  I love it!

Day 19 of Gratitude


Today, I'm really excited to report that my bum is not broken like we originally thought.  Hooray!!!!

Instead, I have just bruised it.  While this does not really affect the amount of discomfort I'm in, it does make me feel better about pushing through the pain knowing I'm not about to poop out my own broken bones.

Day 18 of Gratitude


Day 18, I'm grateful for my husband. He hasn't teased me too much about hurting myself and didn't mind me going down the street last night to drink margaritas until I could barely stagger home. He didn't even mind playing around with me while I was silly drunk and trying to tickle him. He's just a really good guy and is amazingly patient with me. Not to mention what a fantastically amazing father he is.

Day 16 and 17 of Gratitude


Day 16 and 17, I'm grateful for Roller Derby.  It was hella fun last night and even though I'm hurting today, it still puts a smile on my face.  :)