Living Room Design and a giveaway


I have been casually going about my life trying to decorate my space, but to be honest, I suck at it. I'm just not the decorator that I want to be. I have no instincts about this stuff and quite often what I like doesn't go together. Usually my tastes are so eclectic, I'll have gritty antiques next to something really fresh and modern. Everything looks like a hodge-podge and nothing flows.

I've put my photos up on rate my space to face the harsh realities of people's truthful opinions. Let me pick your brain! What do you think about it?

Observe: The Living Room

It is painted a really dark green, which somehow really worked for us. We were not and are not currently offended by the color. It is darker than I would have picked out, personally, but it was painted this way when we moved in. Is it too dark?
What's a good technique for lightening up the wall color without a lot of work? I'd be game for a bit lighter shade of green, more of a green/gray color not a bright green color. I'm just scared I'd have to prime the walls and repaint them, blah-blah-blah, sounds like a lot of work!

Oh, see those windows along that back wall? There are 4 windows there that flood my room with their beautiful light all day. We really have no need for turning on lights in my house most days at all...and that's in nearly every room! Someone told me I should hang a large curtain rod across that back wall and place some dark chocolate floor to ceiling curtains to accent the windows. Of course...that would be after the walls were lightened up! Thoughts??

We will put hickory hand scraped wood floors in the major living areas in the future, but until the economy picks up......aren't we all waiting for that for one reason or another??
Last night, we hung that reclaimed window on the wall and I re-vamped the fireplace mantle, grouping a few things and weeding out old stuff. See that color on the wall with the fireplace? I'd like to make that the darkest wall in the room instead of how it is currently the darkest one.
Do I have too much furniture in the room?

This wall and the entertainment center are my current thorn in my side. I do not like that light wood finish. The entertainment center is made out of a laminate which leaves me feeling unsure how to proceed if I wanted to paint it. I think I'd like to paint it a darker shade...espresso? black? And perhaps re purpose the book shelves, laying them on their sides, stacking them and putting the TV on top of that, can you visualize that or did I lose you?

Really, I wanted a nice buffet or credenza or something to put the TV on so all our crap wouldn't be just hanging out in the breeze, but that costs money and I don't currently have any! So I'm trying to think of a way to get what I want (or closer to it!) on the down low 'n thrifty. :)

Have you any ideas? Please do share them with me.

Oh and everyone that comments gets entered in a giveaway for a little oriental blossom bath set that I have sitting here next to me. :) It includes a little shower gel, body lotion, bath confetti, a cosmetic bag and a bath pouf. Woot!


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

I love your home, it's beautiful!I love the windows and the openess. I love that mirror above the fireplace, and your fireplace is BEAUTIFUL. I think the tv stand and shelves would be great black. Keep your eye out at garage sales and thrift stores and you just mind find a neat piece super cheap for your tv. I am horrible at decorating so I am not a good person to give advice, I can pick neat pieces and goodies but am horrible at using them, lol. Maybe to lighten up the walls get some picture frames at a thrift store or garage sale and paint them white or a bright color to add a bright pop of color, add some photos in them or even some pretty scrapbook paper. You can also do that with canvas which is pretty inexepensive. I hope some of this helps, sorry I am just not good at this! I love your blog and thanks for stoppin by mine! Have a Wonderful Day! Sorry, I wrote a book.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

It wouldn't be that much work to repaint but if you don't want to, what about adding some lighter curtains? Are you saying you want the fireplace wall to be lighter? What about painting just that wall? The beautiful mantle would stand out more with a different color behind it.

Your room does not look as bad as you think it does, you are being too hard on yourself! Have you thought about the couches facing each other?

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment Nicole! I appreciate your thoughts. :)

Michelle, I was just thinking that repainting the walls would be time consuming with priming them and then painting them. And I was thinking that the green color on the wall behind the fireplace would become the darkest wall in the room...I'd paint the others a lighter color.

So how do you think I should hang curtains for that wall of windows? Do I just do a mistreatment and tack them up or no? They'd just be for looks, not to cover the window at all.

And I was going to change the furniture up tomorrow! Great minds....

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Do whatever will be cheap! Fabric can be costly so if you can do a mistreatment, that would be great. Personally I would treat them as one huge window if it were me and do hanging curtains on either side. Or you can do valances depending on what you prefer.

Were there instructions on that sink skirt? I didn't use any but I know Eddie Ross had a sink skirt made of napkins or towels and he said how to do it. I can tell you how I did mine if you want. I warn you, it was not scientific or in a professional seamstress kind of way. lol

Forever Vintage said...

I think the room does need a unified color. What about a used dresser painted black for a tv stand? The walls seem a bit dark...perhaps a lighter color?

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Sarah, It's so nice to meet you! Thank you very much for your kind visit to my blog. You're always welcome!

Your home is gorgeous! I adore warm rich wall paints so I'm not too sure I have any suggestions for you. Add darker brocade tapestry pillows on the lighter sofas maybe? Hmmm....:)
Love it! ~Wonderful job.

I'll be back again soon.
~Warmly, Melissa :)